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The Benefits of Using a Commercial Finance Broker

Our Team Have Lifetimes of Financial Experience & Knowledge to Support You

The services of a specialist and independent commercial finance broker can be invaluable to any business in securing the most appropriate funding facility or range of facilities to support its current for future cash flow requirements.

Here, we explore some of the benefits of using a broker, and how Atlas Trade Finance can add significant value in your search for the right funding.

By Using Atlas Trade Finance YOUR Benefits Are:

  1. Building Relationships: We want to build a long term relationship with our clients. This means that we will provide the best service we can to you.

  2. Understanding Your Business. We provide a free initial review to take time to understand your business and requirements.

  3. Finding the Best Solution: Our team have worked in the banking, invoice finance, trade finance and commercial broking industries for most of their working lives. We bring that knowledge and use it to find the best solutions to you. In particular our knowledge of commercial finance products, lenders, underwriting criteria and service mean that we find the right solution for you depending on your requirements.

  4. Saving you time & energy: Using our knowledge of your business, your requirements and the right lenders, we save you from wasting time on unproductive searches, conversations and meetings.

  5. Saving You Money: We will try to find the most appropriate facility so that you get the best finance deal. This may be purely about money but could be about a smoothly running facility or the application of technology or better service leading to better value.

  6. Keeping In Touch: Once you are a client we like to remain in touch. You will hear from us regularly and where we think that there is a product or service that you can benefit from, we will tell you.

  7. We are Independent: We will look for the best solution across the market for you.

Please call us on +44 191 810 7752 or get in touch.


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