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Using Land And Property Around The World to Raise Finance

Raising finance for you to buy land and property or using land that you already own to raise funds.  Funding can be used for purchase, development or working capital.  Different solutions are available depending on the circumstances and country of domicile.  Funding is made available to businesses only and only where the funding is non regulated.

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Funding Purchase, Development & Working Capital

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Funding Against Land Owned or Being Purchased

Our funders are typically looking to advance up to 50% against any real estate in most countries.  As long as it can be valued, then funding can be made available.  With this loan it is not about the strength of the balance sheet but the value of the land.  They have experience in a number of countries in particular South America.  The have also shown interest in some African countries and the Far East.

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International Funding to Assist With the Purchase of Rental

Standard Rental Loans allow the borrower to raise funding against income generating properties. The proceeds of the loan are generally used for the purchase of property but can also be used for other business purposes. Standard Rental Loans are often used by property investors who need finance at auction, which can take several months to obtain from high-street banks. The typical exit is to refinance with a standard commercial or buy-to-let mortgage once a rental track record has been established.
Typically HMOs, holiday lets, social housing, student housing and lease extension properties are accepted.
Currently the property can be located only in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium or Switzerland.
If the borrower is a corporate entity, personal guarantees are required from the principal beneficiaries, in addition to a debenture and legal mortgage.
Fiduciam allows early partial or complete redemption of the loan, without any early redemption charge from half of the term onwards.
Fiduciam does not offer regulated mortgages or consumer buy-to-let loans.

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Funding to Build or Renovate Your Project

Development and Refurbishment Loans finance the construction or renovations of multiple residential or commercial units. This product allows for monthly drawdowns during the works. Partial redemption can take place during the term of the loan as units are sold.
Most loans are provided to developers with a strong track record. Pre-sold or pre-let commercial developments can be considered.
The typical exit is achieved through the sale of the property once the project is complete or its refinance onto a standard rental or buy-to-let product.
If the borrower is a corporate entity, personal guarantees are required from the principal beneficiaries, in addition to a debenture and legal mortgage depending on jurisdiction.

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Bridging the Purchase of Property or Providing Working Capital For Business Opportunities

Business Bridge Loans allow entrepreneurs to invest in their company, obtain working capital, or take advantage of business opportunities. They are secured on real estate assets which can come without a regular income stream or which may be bespoke and heavily dependent on a unique type of tenant. Multiple drawdowns are possible to tie in with the business plan. Business Bridge Loans can also be used by developers who have largely completed their development project and are looking for cheaper exit finance whilst marketing the completed units.
The exit strategy usually consists of repaying with sales proceeds, refinancing at a lower rate once a business track record has been established or rearranging the borrower’s investment portfolio.
Funding is available for specialist real estate assets such as hotels, care homes, student accommodation, warehousing and office space. Agricultural land, machinery, intellectual property, produce and other real assets can be accepted as security.
Third-party security is often accepted.

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Making Your Money Go Further

Real estate transactions usually involve considerable sums of money.  Getting the right exchange rate can save you considerable sums through better exchange rates, hedging your risk or better payment mechanisms.  We can help.  Ask for a quote from our partners.

International Loans & Mortgages: Services
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