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A Range of Funding Solutions Based In The UK & Internationally

With the knowledge and experience of our Global Team, we help business with their funding requirements.  We can offer a diverse portfolio of solutions across our network and beyond.  We endeavour to assist with all enquiries subject to local laws and restrictions. We cover our main products below, but also have access to other solutions.  
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

International: Services
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Using A Third Party Warehouse to Provide Security To Fund Your Sales

Typically for transactions with a minimum size of $5m+.  Financing for your business by transferring ownership of the goods to the funder, secured by using a collateral manager to control the sale of goods, as agreed in the management agreement.


Medium Term Finance to Fund Projects

Our panel of lenders is keen to fund projects from $5m upwards. They can delve deep into the transactions and can fund projects in difficult territories.  These could be for example road projects  in Africa or solar power generation in Argentina.


Funding For Buying Commodities

Commodities funding is a specialist trade finance facility.  The sums involved can be large with most lenders looking for $5m to $10 million as their starting point.  Atlas can help arrange this type of funding and through our sister company we can also assist with the sourcing of products.


Using Land And Property Around The World to Raise Finance

Raising finance for you to buy land and property or using land that you already own to raise funds.  Funding can be used for purchase, development or working capital.  Different solutions are available depending on the circumstances and country of domicile.


Help Arranging And Financing Letters Of Credit and Collections

Letters of credit and documentary collections are used to de-risk trading internationally.  With a letter of credit, as long as the terms are met and it is raised by a reputable bank, you will get paid.
Documentary collections are less secure as they are not backed by a bank.  The benefit of collections for the seller is that the bank will not release the documents of title until the terms of of the collection are met.


Medium Term Finance To Help Your Customers Buy From You

In addition to a near-immediate payment upon delivery, there are several other aspects of forfaiting that make it attractive – mainly that it eliminates many trade risks.


Helping Companies Buy Stock

Stock funding solutions for companies to enable them to buy, and sell, more of their products. There is a range of solutions available to business depending on your circumstances.


Use the Strength of Your Balance Sheet To Fund Your Supply Chain

Finance is available to finance your full supply chain. Using financing and risk mitigation techniques to optimise the management of working capital and liquidity in the supply chain. Receivables financing and funding is made available to suppliers based on your creditworthiness and financial strength.


Funding Sales To International Customers

Using your invoices to raise finance.  This service can be used by domestic and international businesses to increase sales.  Funding could be by way of an export factoring agreement or by way of a specialist funder that makes funding available when the goods are FOB (aboard) the ship on export.


Helping You Trade Internationally

Trade Finance can help bridge the funding gap between paying your suppliers and receiving customer payments. Funders make the payments directly to your UK or overseas suppliers on your behalf, reducing the stress on your cash flow and allowing you to focus on growing your order book.

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