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Buy Now Pay Later For Business

Business Pay As You Go
Buy Now Pay Later For Business

Are you a business looking for revolving credit or would you like to offer finance to your business customers so that they can pay you quickly!

Buy now pay later for business could be your solution.

Our solution offers UK business owners the ability to smooth out their cash flow, by paying their invoices upfront, and letting them split the payment over 3-12 months. It isn’t invoice finance or factoring, and the cost of the funding is based on a subscription fee based on the facility size.

Common Uses for Buy now pay later:

· Upfront payments to suppliers and software providers to negotiate discounts while still paying in monthly instalments (up to 25% is the standard for SaaS providers).

· Standard operating costs like rent, marketing, legal or accounting bills.

· One-off large invoices that would take cash reserves down to unacceptable levels.

· Buying machinery from overseas

Facilities can be arranged for as little os £5,000 and as much as £1,000,000.

There is no security required with the facility completely unsecured. You will not even be asked for a personal guarantee!

The facility is based on affordability and is thus subject to status. It is however possible to start with smaller sums to build up a track record enabling increases in the facility size.

For further information please call David on 07941 620905 or send an email to .


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