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Do you owe HMRC any VAT, PAYE/CIS, Corporation Tax or Need Working Capital for Other Business Purposes?

Do you owe HMRC any VAT, PAYE/CIS, or Corporation Tax or do you require working capital for any other purpose?

Due to COVID-19, the UK government and HMRC have given businesses and individuals various forms of help with regards to their taxes (VAT, PAYE/CIS, Corporation Tax, Self-Assessment, etc.).

However, HMRC are now chasing again and saying that you must start paying your taxes as normal, and also pay back any arrears that you have built up.

At Atlas, we have have a number of funding solutions to help you manage your tax payments and arrears. Putting you back on track can save you money especially if you are paying high penalty rates.

If you have tax that is falling due to be paid or are in arrears with your tax, then please visit our website to see how we can help, send an email to or ring us on 07941 620905.

We can also help with a comprehensive range of other commercial funding issues. Please have a look at our website for more information.

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