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Use Stock Finance To Keep Things Moving

Things are tough for SME’s at the moment, especially SMEs that are trying to grow. Inflation is forcing businesses to increase prices, making sales harder to achieve, getting hold of stock remains tricky, and arranging working capital finance has become more difficult.

For SME’s with good products, where demand from their customers remains strong, our stock finance solutions can be a great solution to allow for continued growth.

Our funders can provide funding for the purpose of buying stock. Dependent on the solution there are no restrictions on the type of stock, how the stock is shipped, handled or paid for. They can sit alongside any current forms of funding in the business, and in some cases they do not require inter-creditor agreements with any other funders.

2022 has been our busiest year ever. The main reason, we think, is that times of stress show our products at their best. We believe that we offer the most flexible stock finance products available in the UK. And right now, flexibility is key. For example the following solution is available

  • Charges only for active funds out

  • Funds can be repaid at any time without penalty

  • Multiple transactions can be ongoing at any one time

  • Our clients collect the sale proceeds and can repay when it suits them

  • No restrictions are placed on stock type, supplier location or transaction currency

Our stock finance solutions put our SME clients in complete control of their stock purchasing. They can use the facility to buy stock when it suits them, and pay it back at their convenience. The cost of using the facility to purchase the stock is easily calculated at the outset, allowing clients to decide if the transition works for them or not with this form of funding.

Many clients use these facilities for years, as the facility sits happily alongside any other financing they may have. For some clients, (usually fast-growing smaller companies) funding is available to buy all their stock, for others, they may only need to be funded for one or two transactions a year. Sporadic funding is usually opportunistic or seasonal shipments that can add disproportionally to annual bottom-line profits. It is possible to secure funding without non-utilisation fees makes this approach possible.

If you would like to know more about the types of facilities available and who may benefit from one of our facilities, please call 07941 620905 or email and we’ll be happy to help you..

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