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Trade Loans and Inventory Loans £25k to £500k +

Whether you or your clients require finance to buy supplies from across the world or from suppliers in the UK, you could benefit from trade and inventory loans. These are simply:

  1. Trade Loan - A revolving credit facility for the purchase of goods to stored in the the clients / borrowers premises. Typically there will be confirmed forward orders but this can also be used for stock being bought for future sale.

  2. Inventory Loan - Similar to the trade loan but where stock is place in the lenders warehouse to give the lender additional comfort and security.

Ideally the borrower will be a Ltd company with 12 months trading history although companies with less history may still be considered depending on the proposal.

The lender will take a Debenture and a Personal Guarantee albeit the main security is the goods held prior to sale.

Interestingly Business to Consumer as well as Business to Business can be considered. Funders will also consider funding goods held for sale to Export Customers.

Please contact David for further information by email: or phone: 07941 620905.

If you require another form of commercial funding please look at our website for further information.

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