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Forget what you've been told - size doesn't matter ;-) Selective Invoice Finance From £500 to £500k

Atlas work with a range of invoice financiers from traditional to selective. With a selective facility the client can choose to raise finance against an invoice, an account or a section of invoices and accounts. There are no long term contracts and you only pay for the facility when you use it.

Some features that are available depending on the funder include:

  1. Funding on invoices as small as £500 up to £175,000

  2. Facility sizes of £500,000 or more

  3. Domestic and international sales

  4. Credit protection with some funders

  5. Ability to tap into free credit advice when you have an account

  6. If you already have invoice finance elsewhere you may be able to carve out parts of the existing facility where is is not funded or partially funded.

Selective funders are are capable of handling the biggest invoices - even those quirky ones where lenders are saying no but you just know there’s a deal to be done.

So it really is a case of no job too big or too small - and importantly, funding can be fast, aiming to keep every transaction within 24 hours once your account has been set up.

For further information and help please call David on 07941 620905 or send an email to .

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