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Do You Want 3+ Months Funding at 75% Against Your R&D Tax Credit Refund?

Whether you are claiming for R&D Tax Credits, Theatre Tax Credits, Patent Box Tax Relief or Video Games Tax Relief, it is possible to accelerate cashflow by taking out a Tax Credit Loan.

There are a number of providers with differing solutions and costs. A great solution is a 75% advance against the expected refund. With this product it is possible to get 3+ months of credit depending on when the claim is prepared. It is also possible to get the funding in advance of sending in the claim to HMRC.

Funding is usually fast at around a week from application but can be quicker.

The funding is repaid when the claim is paid and the surplus funds after clearing the costs of funding and the loan are remitted immediately to you by the funder.

For further information please contact David Paget on 07941 620905 or send an email to

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