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Companies: Are You Making The Most Of Your Tax

The current economic climate is difficult with businesses having to tackle taxes, high interest rates, inflation and green issues. Help is available through maximising your approach to tax. Some fixes include:

Immediate access to your VAT refunds.

If you want to get your next VAT refund instantly and avoid being stuck in HMRC's queue, with all the other UK businesses, sign up for Instant VAT Refunds using the link below:

Instant VAT Refunds mean any refund you're owed by HMRC is paid into your bank, within 1 hour of VAT return submission, rather than having to wait the usual 5-30 business days.

Scheduling You VAT & Corporation Tax Over A Longer Term

For business that have clean credit and that would find it easier to schedule their tax payments over a longer period, funding is available. VAT can be spread over 3 months and Corporation Tax over 12.

Maximising Your R&D Tax Credit and Capital Allowance Claims

Are you missing out on free cash! For many businesses cash that has been locked up through the development of products, patents and investments. You may be able to recover some of this money through either making a new claim or by using specialists to review previous claims where more tax credits are due.

For more information please contact David& or call us on 0191 810 7752.

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