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Helping You Pay HMRC

There are a range of products aimed at helping you structure your payments to HMRC.  These include Corporation Tax funding which is spread over periods of up to a year and VAT funding which is spread over the quarter following the due date.  These facilities help you plan your cashflow and protect you from hefty penalties.

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Tax Loans: Service
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There is a range of products that can help you with your tax payment these include VAT & Corporation tax loans. VAT loans for property purchases and loans to raise cashflow against expected future R&D tax credits.

Tax Loans: Services


Structure the Payment  of Your HMRC Liabilities and Avoid Penalties

Paying your VAT and Corporation tax bills when they fall due is a legal obligation, but it can be a headache for many SMEs. Cashflow shock is a common side effect of each quarterly or annual payment. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Business owners take the sting out of paying these liabilities by taking out a TAX Loan. These quick and simple loans pay the taxman and ease the  burden by allowing you to repay in instalments to suit your business situation. What's more the savings on penalties and surcharges can help cover the costs and save you money.

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Help for Businesses to Pay VAT When Buying Property

If you are purchasing a commercial property that is opted to tax, then you can raise funding for 100% of the VAT requirement. You can also include VAT registration, compliance and liaison with HMRC, chasing and the recovery for all businesses, including:

  • Newly formed companies

  • SPVs

  • Owner-occupied

  • Trading businesses

Many lenders, don’t require personal guarantees or second charges.

No exit fees, no hidden fees, full transparency. The loan repayment comes from HMRC directly, so you don’t have to worry about monthly interests or the final payment.

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Accelerate Your R & D Tax Credit Receipts

If you are waiting for your R&D claim from HMRC but would like a faster cash injection, you can take out R&D Tax Credit loans. The loan amount you qualify for will depend on your potential claim. You can boost your business’ liquidity with a loan usually starting from £50,000, which attracts a minimal monthly interest and set-up charge. The tax credit payments are used as collateral, and you do not have to worry about losing an asset. Funders can also assist with the reclamation process to speed up the repayment time. Once HMRC approves your tax credit, it will repay the money directly to the funder to settle your loan.

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