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Unsecured & Secured Loans for a Variety  of Purposes

We can help with either unsecured or secured loans.  Unsecured may often require a Personal Guarantee and tends t one medium term  (up to 5 years). A commercial property mortgage is a long-term loan which provides cash to help a business pay for a property or raise cash-flow. Typically, the mortgage company lends up to 70% of the property’s valuation in return for regular payments at a fixed or variable rate, keeping working capital free to help the business continue its growth. Rates and fees for commercial mortgages vary considerably between lenders, so it is important to identify the mortgage that best suits your business.

 So whether you’re looking to remortgage or purchase a new property, we can assist through our extensive panel of lenders.

Commercial Loans & Mortgages: Services


Business Owner in Workshop

Working Capital for Your Business

An unsecured business loan is a loan provided to a business, usually to enable it to grow and achieve it’s goals or business plan. The business owner will not be required to provide the lender with any assets to secure the loan. Personal guarantees are often required.  funding is often provided for up to 5 years or in some case slightly longer.  Funding can be used for working capital, assets or expanding your business.  Please ask for further information.


Industrial Building

Longer Term Property Funding

A commercial mortgage is a mortgage taken out to facilitate the purchase of, or refinance commercial property which is to be owned and occupied by a business for their main trading purpose.
There are two basic types of commercial mortgage: an owner-occupier mortgage and a commercial investment mortgage.
This is a complex market with a wide range of funders serving different markets.  Rates tend to be highly competitive for the stronger transactions.  There is a great deal of competition across the range of solutions with funding provided for up to 25 years.  Loan to values can be up to 75% although to secure the best rates may be lower.
With our panel of lenders, we will find the best solution that we can.


Team of Engineers

Shorter Term Loans to Buy or Develop Property

Bridging loans & development finance are used to assist in the purchase of property and development of property.  In particular, development finance is a type of short-term, secured finance which is used to fund the purchase, conversion, or for the property development.  The land is usually owned by the developer although this can also be funded.  Mezzanine funding which can be by way of loans or equity in a project, provide top up funding.
A bridging loan is a type of short-term business finance, it provides a way to access funds in a shorter timeframe.  They can be used to enable the purchase of a property prior to development, acquiring property at auctions, bridging the gap between selling one property and securing a mortgage on another or releasing funds for working capital purposes.


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Funding for Landlords

Atlas helps companies purchase properties for letting. Buy to let mortgages come in many shapes and sizes, they can either be secured against single units for new landlords looking to take their first steps into the rental property market or across a larger portfolio for seasoned investors or to perhaps finance a holiday home.
With coverage across the UK our panel of lenders will find the east solution for you.  If you are buying for the first time, building your portfolio, moving your properties into a corporate structure or reorganising we can help.  Please contact us for further information.

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