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Funding For Buying Commodities

Commodities funding is a specialist trade finance facility.  The sums involved can be large with most lenders looking for $5m to $10 million as their starting point.  Atlas can help arrange this type of funding and through our sister company we can also assist with the sourcing of products.

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Your Strategic Partner

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The Path to Success

Commodity Finance includes all financing activities related to global commodity flows. These are primarily non-speculative transactional activities oriented toward the real economy.

We provide  financing solutions to Commodity Producers / Processors / Trading Houses / Distributors, from the largest with a global footprint to more specialized firms, trading one or a few commodities in a specific regional market.

We operate in energy (oil, petroleum products, natural gas), mining and metals (non-ferrous base metal, iron ore and steel products…) and soft commodities (rice, wheat, sugar cotton …).

Commodity Finance is a Global activity with region-specific features. It revolves around four major operational centres: Geneva, Singapore, New York and London.

Facilities available for the finance of such transactions include:

  • Documentary credits, stand-by letters of credit, documentary collections, guarantees, surety bonds

  • Financing of 

    • receivables

    • inventory

    • margin calls related to price hedging operations

  • Structured prefinancing and/or prepayment operations

  • Borrowing base

  • Tolling

  • Revolving credit

Funders in this space are looking for established well capitalised businesses to support.  Such businesses should be able to demonstrate considerable experience.

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Our Regional Team Can Help Source Your Commodities

Our sister company Atlas Global Commodities Ltd has been set up to capitalise on the connections of our team worldwide.  Our colleagues have access and connections to suppliers of commodities and they can help with its sourcing.

Commodities: Services
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