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Funding for your Business

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Invoice Finance including Factoring & Invoice Discounting

Release cash against unpaid invoices and boost your cash flow with invoice finance. Invoice finance allows businesses which trade on credit terms to release funding against their sales ledger, with up to 90% of the value of invoices released.
There is a wide range of facilities available to businesses of all sizes, which can be tailored to different requirements. We can introduce your business to the most suitable facility and lenders.
Let us cut through the jargon for you to source the most appropriate facility. Please request a call back from our team today.


Asset Finance and Refinance - HP & Leasing.

Having access to the right equipment and machinery in order to deliver quality products and services to customers is vital to many businesses. Yet purchasing them outright can be difficult when you have to rely on your existing cash flow.
Asset finance solutions are designed specifically to help businesses overcome the challenges of raising the necessary capital to purchase new assets. This provides a more targeted option than securing an overdraft or bank loan, and allows companies to spread their payments over a longer timeframe to ease the cash flow impact.
It is also possible to release cash which is tied up in existing assets for a cash flow boost, depending on your requirements. We can identify the asset finance solutions and providers that are best suited to your specific requirements.

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Unsecured and Secured Loans

We can help with either unsecured or secured loans.  Unsecured may often require a Personal Guarantee and tends to be medium term  (up to 5 years). A commercial property mortgage is a long-term loan which provides cash to help a business pay for a property or raise cash-flow. Typically, the mortgage company lends up to 70% of the property’s valuation in return for regular payments at a fixed or variable rate, keeping working capital free to help the business continue its growth. Rates and fees for commercial mortgages vary considerably between lenders, so it is important to identify the mortgage that best suits your business.

 So whether you’re looking to remortgage or purchase a new property, we can assist through our extensive panel of lenders.


Funding at Your Fingertips

A revolving credit facility (operates in a a similar way to the traditional overdraft) is a form of credit issued by a funder that provides the borrower with the ability to draw down or withdraw, repay, and withdraw again. A revolving loan is considered a flexible financing tool due to its repayment and re-borrowing accommodations.  Typically these facilities are secured on the assets of the business such as debtors, stock, assets and property or alternatively on the personal guarantees of Directors which may or may not be supported by their properties.  There is a wide range of solutions with differing interest rates and security requirements.  Let us help you source the right product.

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Using Your Future Credit & Debit Card Sales to Raise Finance

Otherwise known as a business cash advance, Merchant cash advance has grown significantly in use over the last decade.  There is a growing number of funders and facilities of up to £1m are now available.
There are no set repayments with the borrower paying off the loan by way of an agreed deduction against card sales as they are made.  Differing terms and conditions are seen across the industry.  Please ask for more information.


Support from HM Government

Through the British Business Bank and other Government initiatives, there is support for business.  The Recovery Loan Scheme is live until June 2022 and will hopefully be extended.  If not another initiative will take its place,  There is also support by way of Government backed loan funds, start up loans, R&D tax credits, capital allowances and grants.

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Helping You Pay HMRC

There are a range of products aimed at helping you structure your payments to HMRC.  These include Corporation Tax funding which is spread over periods of up to a year and VAT funding which is spread over the quarter following the due date.  You can also access VAT funding when you purchase commercial property and for those businesses that can claim R&D Tax Credits you can accelerate your funding. These facilities help you plan your cashflow and protect you from hefty penalties.


Improve cashflow by spreading payments for purchases or by offering finance to customers.

Are you a business looking for revolving credit or would you like to offer finance to your business customers so that they can pay you quickly!

Buy now pay later for business could be your solution.

Our solution offers UK business owners the ability to smooth out their cash flow, by paying their invoices upfront, and letting them split the payment over 3-12 months.
It isn’t invoice finance or factoring, and the cost of the funding is based on a subscription fee based on the facility size.

Common Uses for Buy now pay later:

  • Upfront payments to suppliers and software providers to negotiate discounts while still paying in monthly instalments. 

  • Standard operating costs like rent, marketing, legal or accounting bills.

  • One-off large invoices that would take cash reserves down to unacceptable levels.

  • Buying machinery from overseas

Facilities can be arranged from as little as £5,000 and as much as £1,000,000.

There is no security required with the facility completely unsecured.  You will not even be asked for a personal guarantee!

The facility is based on affordability and is thus subject to status.  It is however possible to start with smaller sums to build up a track record enabling increases in the facility size.

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