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Save Money on You Processing.  Great service with Systems Provided By Top Providers

We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to you and your business. We offer our own card processing solution or where there is a better alternative available we can introduce you to our affiliates.

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Credit and Debit Card Processing: Services


With increasing competition , see what we can do to SAVE you money.  You may be surprised!


Quality Processing for Less

Already trusted by thousands of retail and leisure businesses,
we are one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the UK.

We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to you and your business. Our card payment solutions are simple to set up.

Benefits for you are:

  1. Review of your current charges from a payments specialist. Save up to 50% on your card processing charges

  2. No joining or set up fees

  3. No cancellation fees if you leave at the end of your contract No hidden charges

  4. No MMSC (Minimum Monthly Service Charge)

  5. Low-cost transaction rates and monthly terminal rental

  6. Faster Payments with same day settlement to your bank account 

  7. Real Time transaction data with Analytics

  8. Simple and straightforward set up

Please ask for a quote

Credit Card


Information at Your Fingertips

The Atlas Card Services Ltd cloud based portal is the ultimate tool
to provide you with real-time data and analytics.

Your benefits are:

  1. Cloud based portal for merchants to view their transactions 

  2. Real time data and reporting by individual or multi store

With the portal you have access to all the information you need for your business.

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Competitive Quotes

While we endeavour to find the best solutions in house, another provider may be more suitable for certain circumstances.  Through our partnerships we also have access to a range of other providers.  We therefore have solutions for most businesses whatever they do.  Please ask for more details.

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Credit and Debit Card Processing: Services
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