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Asset Finance and Refinance - HP & Leasing.


Having access to the right equipment and machinery in order to deliver quality products and services to customers is vital to many businesses. Yet purchasing them outright can be difficult when you have to rely on your existing cash flow.
Asset finance solutions are designed specifically to help businesses overcome the challenges of raising the necessary capital to purchase new assets. This provides a more targeted option than securing an overdraft or bank loan, and allows companies to spread their payments over a longer timeframe to ease the cash flow impact.
It is also possible to release cash which is tied up in existing assets for a cash flow boost, depending on your requirements. We can identify the asset finance solutions and providers that are best suited to your specific requirements.

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Lease New Assets

Leasing gives businesses the option of borrowing an asset for a fixed period, rather than having to buy it outright. Not only does this overcome the cash flow implications of paying for a new piece of equipment or machinery up front, it also means the issue of asset depreciation is avoided.
A finance company will buy the asset that you require, and allow you to use it exclusively.
Your business pays for the use of the asset through regular instalments, which helps with cash flow management. Meanwhile, to make the lease more affordable, the asset finance company claims the capital allowances on the asset.
At the end of the lease, you can either purchase the asset or the asset finance company will sell it, possibly giving your business a share of the proceeds.

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Asset finance  in all its forms is a tried and tested way to finance the purchase of new equipment or raise capital from assets you own.  There is a host of providers catering for all business from those that are blue chip to those who have poor credit and everything in between.  Let us understand your specific requirements and we will introduce the asset finance providers that represent the best match for your business.

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