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Release cash against unpaid invoices and boost your cash flow with invoice finance

Invoice Discounting - Factoring - Selective - International
Invoice finance allows businesses which trade on credit terms to release funding against their sales ledger, with up to 90% of the value of invoices released when invoices are submitted.
There is a wide range of facilities available (main products details below) to businesses of all sizes, which can be tailored to different requirements. We can introduce your business to the most suitable facility and lenders.
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Invoice Finance: Services
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Confidential Finance for Your Business

In most cases a low touch confidential facility requested by established businesses.  Typically it provides funding with the option of credit protection from some providers.


Finance For Your Business With Sales Ledger Management

A full service with funding combined with sales ledger management and optional credit protection from some providers.  Suitable for those businesses that are looking for help with the collection of invoices and management of their sales ledger rather than employing additional staff.

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Finance Invoices When You Want To

You decide which invoices you want funded and when.  No long term contracts, just finance when you need it.


Funding Your International Invoices

Confidential and disclosed facilities are available to help you trade internationally.  Usually clients add credit protection to the facility.  Many of the providers and especially the more established have international networks to help you get paid and provide advice against dealing with risky customers.

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Protect Your Business From Bad Debts

Most providers offer credit protection which may be more cost effective than taking out your own  policy.  Protection varies depending on the provider and can be adjusted to meet your requirements.  A minefield that we can help you navigate.


If you are a business that offers credit terms to business customers and you are in need of finance then this is a solution for you.

Having money tied up in unpaid invoices can restrict businesses of all sizes. By using invoice finance, it’s possible to access this cash to reinvest into the business, fulfil new orders, meet general running costs or secure discounts through early payment.
It is also an extremely flexible source of finance as facilities grow in line with the business. The more invoices you raise, the more funding that’s available, and certain facilities can also help to protect your business against late payment and bad debt.

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