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Road Constuction


A Comprehensive Approach

Our panel of lenders is keen to fund projects from $5m upwards. They can delve deep into the transactions and can fund projects in difficult territories.  These could be for example road projects  in Africa or solar power generation in Argentina.

Project Finance: Service


Both Commercial and Sovereign Risk Considered

We seek opportunities in various sectors that provide sustainable revenues and risk adjusted returns. Our primary focus is on real assets greenfield, income producing and trade receivables.  Sectors cover include lending to Sovereigns, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Heavy Industry and Natural Resources & Energy.

Solar Panels


Through our panel we have access to funding for projects across the world and in particular in the following commercial sectors:

Real Estate

Funders are interested in lending to diversified segments of the real estate market.  In particular there is interest in financing real estate transactions geared towards various asset including but not limited to:

Special Economic Zones:
• Industrial Zones
• Freezones
• Agro-Processing Zones
• Logistics Hubs
• Financial Centres


  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Shopping Malls

  • Hospitals

  • Senior Care homes

Residential & Commercial:

  • Villas

  • Social Housing

  • Apartments

  • Offices

  • Mixed-Use

  • Smart Cities

  • Waterfront Developments



We have committed financiers in the infrastructure asset class, with a mandate is to structure, fund, and realise existing and greenfield infrastructure projects. They can advise, arrange and deal in income generating infrastructure securities, backed by real assets with stable income for a medium to long term period. Their focus is in the following segments:

1. Sea Ports
2. Dry Ports
3. Air Ports
4. Toll Roads
5. Bridges
6. Railways
7. Natural Gas Infrastructure
8. Digital Infrastructure

Heavy Industries

Key focus is on industrials, to finance high performing assets which are fully integrated or contain a significant portion of the value chain of the end product.  This includes businesses that transform raw materials, sanitation and energy sustainability. These include:

1. Petrochemical & Chemicals
2. Iron & Steel
3. Alumina & Aluminium
4. Gas Processing Plants

Natural Resources & Energy

The natural resources sector is a an important sector for funders.  They focus on funding upstream activities and its associated infrastructure. Priority is given to shovel ready projects, producing assets, brownfield assets and marginal assets with access to market in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. These tend to be medium to long term investments in the upstream, mid stream and down stream segments of the resource sector. The current focus is on the following:

1. Mining & Minerals
2. Oil & Gas
3. Agriculture
4.Water desalination & treatment
5. Power Plants- Solar, Wind, Hydro, Gas and Geothermal

Government Building


These projects are government led and guaranteed.  The guarantee could be a direct government guarantee perhaps backed by promissory notes or Public Private Partnerships where the guarantee is by way of a long term guaranteed lease.  Typically we are looking at Sovereigns with a fair to good credit rating such as certain parts of Africa or the Caribbean.  Such projects may be supported by regional development banks and the debt may be avalised by a commercial bank.  All manor of projects could be considered including infrastructure, education, development or health.

No matter what size your project is or where it is we are happy to carry out an initial review to assess whether funding it is achievable. Key to funding it is a decent business plan, experienced personnel, contractors and sufficient funding to sit alongside the facility. Please call for an initial review.

Project Finance: Services
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