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Using Your Future Credit & Debit Card Sales to Raise Finance

Otherwise known as a business cash advance, Merchant cash advance has grown significantly in use over the last decade.  There is a growing number of funders and facilities of up to £1m are now available.
There are no set repayments with the borrower paying off the loan by way of an agreed deduction against card sales as they are made.  Differing terms and conditions are seen across the industry.  Please ask for more information.

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Merchant Cash Advance: Service


Funding Against Your Credit and Debit Card Sales

A merchant cash advance, which can also be known as a business cash advance, business merchant loan or a PDQ loan, is a flexible business finance facility, which is used by businesses that receive payments from their customers by debit or credit card.
This facility allows a business to borrow with the funds ‘secured’ against future card payments. This makes Merchant cash advance’s ideal for businesses who receive payments via a healthy volume of card transactions each month as repayments are taken as a percentage of future card revenues. Merchant cash advance loans are quick and easy to arrange and increasing numbers of SMEs find this a convenient way to assist with cashflow.
Merchant cash advances have quickly been recognised as one of the most innovative and effective products in the alternative finance world since they were launched a few years ago.
Retail businesses and other sectors such as hospitality and leisure are among those best suited to them, and Merchant cash advance loans are especially popular in those sectors.  Some of the variations are detailed below.

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Ideal Business for Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance was set up to support these sectors.  Whether you are a pub, restaurant, club or hotel on the hospitality side or in retail you are a shop, forecourt, cash and carry, beautician, hairdresser or barber and many more you can apply.  In fact if you take card payments the chances are that you are eligible to apply. Applications are usually turned around quickly and once you have been funded further advances are generally available without fuss.  Ask us for more information.


Get Funded From Online Revenue

Lenders convert your future online revenue streams into immediate finance.  Whether you accept Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Etsy. Or perhaps you make sales using card processors like Stripe, FDMS, Barclaycard, Elavon, Worldpay, Square, or PayPal, and if you sell on platforms like Deliveroo, UberEats or JustEat, you can get funded.  Some lenders can fund without personal guarantees.  Please contact us for more information.

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Borrow up to 2 Times Monthly Revenue

For any business from sole traders to limited partnerships and companies.  Most revenue streams are considered with monthly repayments taken from your bank dependent on your turnover.

Merchant Cash Advance: Services
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