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Refinancing Assets to Raise Working Capital & Consolidate your Payments

We have recently seen an increase in enquiries for refinance existing plant and equipment to raise working capital to consolidate monthly payments resulting in a more manageable single payment. Alongside this we are still offering the Government backed Recovery Loan Scheme for a range of purposes including asset finance for equipment purchases.

The significant benefit of refinancing is that the rate is fixed for the duration of the term, so no jumps in monthly payments. Not only that but we are able to lock in the current market rate for up to 3 months avoiding any further jumps resulting from the base rate. On the government backed scheme for loans, asset finance and refinancing we can “unlock” lenders you may not be eligible for without the British bank guarantee.

With new kit hard to come by and residual values holding strong, our clients have benefitted from releasing equity out of their existing assets. This has enabled them to reduce monthly outgoings and inject much needed funds into the business; bringing everything into one, easy monthly repayment.

For more information please get in touch by calling David on 07941 620905, by email: or if you prefer please complete our enquiry form using this link contact .

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